Recent Developments

Virtual Dissection Lab
Teaching Innovations

The virtual dissection software of ox/cow was developed jointly by the Department of Veterinary Anatomy, College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati and IDA solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai under NAHEP (I.G) . It is one of the latest innovations for teaching of Veterinary Anatomy. This software is being used for teaching in practical classes of both UG and PG students of Veterinary Anatomy and Surgery. The usage of formalinized specimens is replaced by this virtual dissection software and usage of animals for the dissection is also greatly reduced with this software.

Smart Class rooms

Established 5 Smart Classrooms with latest equipment i.e interactive panel, Smart podium and video camera one each in five Constituent Colleges of the university to disseminate the knowledge effectively to the students.

Ongole Cattle
Embryo Transfer Technology

A new project on Conservation of Ongole cattle was commenced from 1-4-2014 under breed conservation programme of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Karnal sanctioned by ICAR, New Delhi for a period of 3 years beginning from 2014 -15 to conserve the native Ongole cattle in its breeding tract by conducting A.I to the farmers’ cattle with superior germplasm at field level through the nodal agencies.

Nellore Jodipi Sheep
Nellore Jodipi Sheep improvement

The crossbred lamb’s weight at birth, weaning, 6 months & 9 months were heaviest than the native pure breed, but Nellore synthetics were heavier (3.17 kg) than the Mandya synthetics (2.60 kg). However, as the age advances the growth rate gradually decreased and at 1 year of age almost all crosses had the similar body weight and were as good as natives. Similarly, the tupping percentage (71) was slightly higher and the lambing percentage (63) was almost equal among natives and crosses.