About Us

State Level Diagnostic Laboratory, Tirupati

Initially the State Level Diagnostic Laboratory was established under the project entitled “Establishment of State Level Diagnostic Laboratory” by RKVY during the year 2009 to 2010 for fast and accurate diagnosis of different animal diseases and to cater the needs of the farmers.

The laboratory has been established with the following facilities.

  • P3 laboratory to deal with high risk organisms.
  • Preliminary investigation lab, Hematology & Biochemical Lab Bacteriology lab, Molecular Lab and Leptospira lab for diagnosis of various animal diseases

Under the direct control of Director of Research for screening of samples received from Government, public and Private sectors related to Animal Health, dairying & poultry to serve the farming community.


  • Establishment of State Level Animal disease Diagnostic laboratory to cater the needs of the farmers.
  • Molecular diagnostic facilities for early and accurate diagnosis of animal diseases.
  • Screening of samples received from various Sectors related to Animal Health, dairying and poultry.
  • Providing research facility to PG/PhD students of SVVU & other Universities.